Protect your business from steep rising electricity costs.

Redpower1 is a Business Grade Renewable Energy Developer and Power Optimizer
What you get
Your own Decentralised Power Generation Capacity at No Risk - Fully Managed with no distraction from Core Business.
A Risk Free Solution with No investment or Capex Required.
Purchase electricity up to 40% cheaper than your current tariff on solar generated power as well as reducing your Carbon Emissions.
What We Do
Full Engineering Design, Installation and Management.
Ensure the system operates at max production capacity 365 including maintaining and insuring the Solar PV System.
Provide an Energy Efficiency Audit upfront and ongoing to unlock a further 10-25% savings.
Solar PV - Generator - Storage

Money Saver

  • Fully installed Solar PV System that will provide up to 40% of your power requirements and saving up to 30-50% on your tariff from solar energy generated.
  • The system requires No Capex and is fully managed, maintained, insured and operated by Redpower1.

Always On

  • Smart Meter Data + Eskom Loadshedding Schedule + Generator + Solar PV System + Battery
  • Our engineers will analyse Smart Meter Data, Solar Generation Capacity and the Eskom Loadshedding Schedule to correctly size the Battery
  • This solution will ensure that your business will never be down during loadshedding times and will ensure economic productivity and happy customers.

Energy efficiency

  • Demand Management: As Eskom tariff structures change placing a higher cost on Peak Demand and Access Charges – managing the energy load will be all important in cost reduction. 

  • Peak Shaving: Reducing Peak Demand will ensure substantial cost savings.

  • Load Shifting: Changing consumption patterns can reduce you overall electricity bill without impacting on production.

Unlock further substantial savings by letting us actively manage your power consumption profile - let us show you how

Join the DER Economy with your own OSG Capacity

** DER – Distributed Energy Resource
** OSG – Onsite Generation

Our Process


Review electricity bills 6 months


Measure consumption profle


Receive proposal document


Enter into PPA



Install the Solar System




Start generating electricity at cheaper rates reducing Operating Expenses

Latest Projects
Redpower1 and their EPC of Choice has executed over 8 MW of Renewable Energy Projects across a wide variety of installations

Bloch Centre Kraaifontein

  • 430 kWp Solar PV System
  • 700 000 kWh per annum
  • Annual Carbon Emissions Reduced by 496 Metric Tons

Boxer Square Mbekweni

  • 210 kWp Solar PV System
  • 305 000 kWh per annum
  • Annual Carbon Emissions Reduced by 216 Metric Tons

Large Wine Cellar

  • 625 kWp Solar PV System
  • 1 033 652 kWh per annum
  • Annual Carbon Emissions Reduced by 733 Metric Tons

Old Bloch Centre - Worcester

  • 130 kWp Solar PV System
  • 205 000 kWh per annum
  • Annual Carbon Emissions Reduced by 145 Metric Tons

The Island - Cape Town

  • 186 kWp Solar PV System
  • 297 000 kWh per annum
  • Annual Carbon Emissions Reduced by 210 Metric Tons

The Powder Mill - CapeTown

  • 160 kWp Solar PV System
  • 255 200kWh per annum
  • Annual Carbon Emissions Reduced by 181 Metric Tons

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